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Jawan William Harris.
March 19 1997.
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Anonymous : What happened to Jawan? Where has he been?

You could say he’s on a hiatus. He’s working hard right now, so be patient and you’ll get some new music, videos, and more.

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😭😭😭😭 in tears right now! Jawan has seen this page 😭😭😭😭 my emotions! My night has been made

that’s awesome :)

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k so, i’m gonna put this on all of my blogs because i feel really bad for not getting on here and updating. i literally haven’t been on some of my side urls since last year. that’s terrible. to all of my followers—MY BAD DUDES, i got too caught up in my personal life that i forgot that i had a tumblr, twitter, etc to run. so yeah. i’m gonna update & upload right now! i’m sure i’ve lost like 12893741827341 followers on my other accounts tho holy shit

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chwahgnation : Do you hav a kik to talk to your fans because some of us can't hav Facebook nd twitter??

This isn’t Jawan & no, he doesn’t have a kik.. but said he is thinking about making one!

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Jawan Harris - By The Tree [download]

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Jawan Harris - By The Tree
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moment of silence. i don’t know if i’ll have an internet connection later to upload this, but if i do i definitely will. :)

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jawan has a christmas single coming out soon :)

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